Tuesday, November 27, 2012

5 star review!

“Dissidence” by Jamie Canosa

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I never do this…in fact, I think this is the first time I ever have… (I know, I sound like a horny woman trying to convince a male suitor that I am not “easy” but that I do, in fact, want to have sex on the first date…heehee!!) I digress, I am going to start this review by flat-out saying, “I love love love “Dissidence” by Jamie Canosa.  While I intend to write a full review (see below), I needed to get my opinion out there as soon as possible.  I need for those of you who may only have a minute or two to read this review to know that this book is amazing.  So, I said it.  If you have to go..please exit quietly.  I will now continue with our regularly scheduled review. (wink!)

I was given an ARC copy of this book to read before it was released with the promise to read but NO guarantee to love, like or blog about the story I was given.  You know me, if I don’t love it…I won’t post about it.  Clearly I have made my opinion obvious.
Do you remember asking yourself when you were a young child (or maybe a college senior), “What am I going to be when I grow-up?”  For most of us, the “go to” answer was always the same no matter who supplied it, “You can be what ever you want to be.”  With a pat on the head or a kiss on the cheek we would walk away feeling pacified, safe and secure.  (If you were asking that question as a college senior, your answer may have been slightly different and the supplier… probably annoyed…but that’s a different story altogether.)  The point is, we have choices.  We decide how to live our lives from who to love to what we wear and every other small decision in between.  But what if those choices were taken from you?  What if you were no long given the freedom of choice, of voice, and of liberty?  How would you behave in a life that has been carved out for you to live regardless if you like it or not?  If your answer is “not” then your punishment begins.
I had my freedom of choice “taken” away for approximately 24 hours, the length of time it took for me to read Jamie Canosa’s, “Dissidence.”  I say my choice was “taken” because from the minute I opened the book until I read the very last sentence, I was consumed…held captive.  I found it difficult to think of anything other than my new “friends” and their plight.  Ms. Canosa’s words were running like a movie through my mind and I was loving every minute of  the suspense, the camaraderie, the fear, the turmoil, and the passion that laid on each page.

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